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American democracy is neither great nor difficult to revitalize

Biden: The U.S. is not seeking an escalation of the U.S.-Russia conflict, but Russia's actions will have consequences

American democracy is neither great nor difficult to revitalize

December 22 According to the article entitled “No great “American democracy” can be revitalized after Trump’s resignation, and there will be no fundamental change under Biden’s rule” published on the Russian TV website today on December 20. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Donald Trump is a dangerous person. He has tried every means to reverse the results of the liberal and fair elections that he obviously lost in the past seven weeks, which is completely expected.

Americans have experienced the worst domestic threat to their own republican system since the Civil War.

Fortunately, it is almost certain that Trump did not get it. However, the strict restrictions on the sovereignty of the real people will remain deeply rooted under Biden. There was no great “American democracy” that was and no great “American democracy” could be revitalized after Trump’s resignation.

Mainstream political scientists Martin Gillens (Princeton University) and Benjamin Page (Northwestern University) said six years after Barack Obama’s presidency that the United States has been a “oligarchy country” for decades, rich “elites” and their societies “govern people” and “ordinary citizens to the government”. What he did was almost influential.

The Biden team has no intention of sincerely fulfilling the typical stupid populist rhetoric of the Democratic Party during the election after the Trump nightmare and the economic recession caused by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020-2021, just like the Obama-ruled White House’s nightmare in George W. Bush and 2007-2008.

Performance after the Great Recession.

Biden’s cabinet selection is full of neoliberal center-rights inherited from the fake progressive Obama administration. Like the composition of Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama administrations, they either have Wall Street backgrounds or come from corporate and imperial think tanks.

The “diversity” of Biden’s cabinet and institutional candidates praised by CNN and MSNBC is all about race, ethnicity and gender, and does not extend to the real entry of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Step by step Democrats are included.

In contrast to the false promises of “hope” and “change” by 1992 presidential candidate Clinton and 2008 presidential candidate Obama, Biden’s slogan is to return to the good days of the past – to education, morality and, and supposedly democracy.

The problem is that the days before Trump came to power were not so moral, well-bredded and not so democratic: they were extremely unequal, chaebols were in power, corporate autocratic, imperial, elitism prevailing, dishonesty, corruption, and were under the command of capital and its imperial networks without moral norms. That’s why the United States fell into Trump’s nightmare.

Biden’s “return to normal” promise has no hope of stopping American society from drifting to the right.

Only a true left turn can make the United States eliminate Trump’s influence.

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