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After Trump was snorted on social media, someone asked to “block Modi”!

Twitter announced a permanent ban on Trump's account

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After US President Trump was shut down his social media account accused of inciting congressional riots, other prominent populist leaders around the world were also pushed to the forefront.

According to the British Observer on the 17th, Trump’s silence on social media has caused a lot of trouble for American technology companies, and critics demanded them to kick other populist leaders such as Indian Prime Minister Modi out of social media.

Business Insider also reported that after the ban on Trump accounts, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said neutral, “I am not celebrating or proud of it.” However, this move brings “hope” to many people in the world, who accuse these populists of using social media to create chaos.

On January 17, the British Guardian wrote that “Trump’s social media ban triggered a call to action to block other populist leaders”, saying that in India, many people called for similar sanctions against Prime Minister Modi and nationalist politicians in his ruling party.

Unlike Trump, Modi did not make excessively public inflammatory remarks on social media.

However, it is reported that in India, Modi’s BJP politicians have been accused of repeatedly making politically motivated hate speech on Facebook.

Shashi Tharoor, a politician of India’s opposition Congress, tweeted on the 9th, “Our country also needs to curb the freedom of speech of those who incite violence and other anti-democratic acts.

Politicians who restrict the freedom and rights of voters should not use social platforms.” Bedoun, a professor at the University of Arkansas Law School in the United States, believes that kicking Modi out of Twitter is a “logical next step”.

Biden previously said, the report said, “Leaders use authority to incite public opinion is by no means just a phenomenon in the United States.”

The Guardian also mentioned that some officials in some countries opposed Twitter’s “blocking” Trump.

Under the relevant report of today’s Russian website “Some people call for the banning of Modi”, netizens who seem to come from India left messages to support Modi and defend him.

Some netizens said, “Modi is a popular leader, not a populist leader.” Some netizens also said that blocking Modi’s account would be “Twitter’s biggest crime”.

Others warned, “If Modi’s account is deleted, it will be the end of these social media giants in the world’s largest market.

Indians are worried about foreign interference in India, especially considering India’s past colonial history.

These social media giants should be quite aware of the consequences of doing so.”

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