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After the United States and Romania, mysterious metal boulders have also been discovered in Britain.

Overseas Network, December 7th According to British media on the 7th, a mysterious metal boulder was found on Compton Beach, Isle of Wight, England. When the building appeared at the bottom of the cliff of Compton Beach, the islanders were confused. Coincidentally, a similar mysterious metal boulder appeared in the mountains of northern Romania and the Utah desert in the United States last month, and then suddenly disappeared.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Amy Blackburn, 31, found photos of metal boulders on social media and decided to go to investigate and plan to take a photo with her son and boyfriend. At the same time, she also saw some messages saying that the photo may have been PS-processed.

Blackburn, a medical assistant in Newport, Isle of Wight, said that she felt unusual when she first saw a boulder, and immediately studied the metal boulder previously found in the United States and Romania. She said, “Part of the boulder is buried underground and some sand needs to be removed from the bottom of the boulder.” When she and her family removed the sand, they found that the boulder was made of wood and the other side was pasted with something similar to a mirror.

Blackburn said, “I like this idea, like an alien-sent building, but it is more like an unusual art project. But can 2020 be any more unusual?

Tom Dunford, another resident of the Isle of Wight, said that the metal boulder is 10 feet high and very reflective. He believes that the existence of this boulder is because someone is joking. He said that the boulder has caused a lot of sensation in the area, and many people flocked to the beach to have a look at the boulder.

The origin of the boulder is reported to be unclear, but it came after similar mysterious stone columns appeared in Utah and California earlier in the United States.

Local residents found new strange boulders on the top of pine trees in Atascadero, California, on the morning of the 2nd local time. Last month, wildlife officials found similar boulders in the Red Rock Desert of Utah, USA, but it has now been removed.

A mysterious boulder was found on Compton Beach on the Isle of Wight, England (Source: Solent News)
Local residents stand next to the 10-foot-high boulder (Source: The Sun)
Local residents stand next to the 10-foot-high boulder (Source: The Sun)
A similar boulder found in the Red Rock Desert in Utah, United States, November 18 (Source: The Sun)
Mysterious boulders found near archaeological sites in Romania (Credit: The Sun)
The “Mystic Metal Monument” in Atascadero, California, is taller and thinner than its “brother” in Utah. ( Source: The Sun)
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