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After the sudden suspension of Myanmar’s political situation, Japanese companies gradually resumed production in Myanmar factories.

At least 10 police officers were killed when a sentry post in Shan State, Myanmar was attacked by ethnic local armed groups.

△The US-Serby Port on the Thai-Myanmar border (Image source: Internet)

Nikkei Shimbun reported on February 5 that Japanese companies that had been suspended due to the sudden change in Myanmar’s political situation have begun to restart their businesses.

JFE Steel and Electrical Installation, believing that it can ensure the safety of employees, has reopened the factory since February 4.

Yangleduo head office has also started the production of lactic acid bacteria drinks in local factories in Myanmar, and resumed business except for door-to-door delivery.

Electric installation restarted the local auto parts factory in Myanmar on the morning of February 4.

Two auto factories in Suzuki also resumed production.

In the factory that produces seasonings in Myanmar, some of the seasoning packaging and other processes have been restarted.

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