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After the man who took away the Pelosi platform was arrested, he was released on bail of $25,000.

After the man who took away the Pelosi platform was arrested, he was released on bail of $25,000.

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January 12 – After the violent impact of the U.S. Congress on January 6, the U.S. federal government has prosecuted dozens of participants, including Adam Johnson, a demonstrator who has attracted a lot of attention on social media for carrying Pelosi’s speech platform.

He has now He was released on bail for 25,000 US dollars on the afternoon of the 11th.

According to ABC, the federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit against Adam Johnson on the 9th, accusing him of breaking into the Capitol and disturbing order.

Johnson will appear in the Federal Court for the District of Columbia on January 19 local time.

Before that, he will be under full monitoring, all weapons and passports will be surrendered, and the curfew that will take effect on the same day from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day.

Johnson, 36, from Florida, moved the speech stage of House Speaker Pelosi during the demonstration on the 6th and smiled and waved to the camera.

Federal investigators said that Senate staff later found the speech platform worth more than 1,000 dollars (contracted RMB 6,500) in the corridor near the hall of the Capitol.

David Bigney, one of Johnson’s lawyers, said that his client would not make any statements, and told reporters, “If time could be turned back, he would obviously not have done such a thing.”

As of January 8, the Washington, D.C. Supreme Court has indicted more than 40 demonstrators in the “Capitol Hill Incident”, and at least 13 demonstrators have been prosecuted in U.S. federal courts, including trespassing the Capitol, disturbing the law, attacking government officials and gun crimes.

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