After the Indian government asked Twitter to remove negative posts about the outbreak, the White House spokesman replied with only one word

April 28 2021 As the pandemic in India worsens, there have been many criticisms on social platforms of the Indian government’s weak protests, the Indian government recently asked social platforms to delete negative information.

The Times of India reported that at a White House news conference in June, a reporter asked White House press secretary Psaki about the matter, and Pusaki replied only, “It’s not consistent with our views on free speech around the world.”

Indian media previously reported that Twitter and other social media platforms had removed about 100 posts and links after the Indian government’s request to remove criticism of the protests and spread fake news.

Twitter responded that it had reviewed the Indian government’s request to take action based on compliance with company rules and local laws.

“If the content violates Twitter’s community code, the content will be removed from the platform, but if the content does not violate the platform code, but violates the laws of a particular region, the platform will hide the content from users in that region.”