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After more than 200 surveillance cameras were added to his home, Zhao Doushun, the principal culprit of the “Suyuan case” in South Korea, wants to move

After more than 200 surveillance cameras were added to his home, Zhao Doushun, the principal culprit of the "Suyuan case" in South Korea, wants to move

(Source: Yonhap News Agency)

November 27. According to reports from Korea’s Chosun Ilbo and Yonhap News Agency, Zhao Doo-sun (68), the main criminal of the “Sowon Case” in South Korea who will be released from prison on December 13, plans to move away from his current residence. 

Prior to this, the Ansan City Government and the police have been focusing on Zhao Doushun’s current residence, setting up surveillance cameras and formulating safety measures. After Zhao Doushun decides to move, the government and the police will have to revise the current plan.

On November 26, Ansan City revealed that Zhao Doushun’s wife had recently submitted a move-in declaration form to residential centers in other areas, preparing to move out of their current residence. 

Zhao Doushun had previously stated that he would live with his wife after being released from prison. It is reported that the police have set up guard posts at the main intersection of Zhao Doushun’s wife’s current residence. In addition, Anshan City has also installed 211 surveillance cameras. The original plan was to add 3795 surveillance cameras by the end of next year.

A related person from the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency said: “If Cho Doo-sun’s wife moves, the surrounding environment of her new residence will be carefully examined, and Ansan City will also discuss whether to strengthen existing prevention facilities or adjust the location”, “New The place of residence is not far away from the current place of residence, and there will be no major problems in the allocation and use of manpower.”

The police also plan to formulate additional security countermeasures for Zhao Doushun’s new residence, including inspections of the new residence, discussing whether to increase surveillance, and considering transferring special guard posts. 

At the same time, Ansan City will employ 6 “volunteer police officers” with military experience and martial arts ranks to conduct 24-hour inspections in areas where crimes may occur, including where Zhao Doushun lives.

It is understood that the families of the victims of the “Suyuan case” had previously expressed their intention to move from Ansan to other areas. 

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