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After India, the outbreak in neighbouring Nepal has also worsened rapidly! Several Mount Everest climbers are coughing badly, and officials have a new response

After India, the outbreak in neighbouring Nepal has also worsened rapidly! Several Mount Everest climbers are coughing badly, and officials have a new response

India’s neighbor Nepal is facing a severe situation in which the outbreak is rapidly worsening as the Coronavirus spreads in South Asia. According to statistics released by Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population on the afternoon of the 6th, in the past 24 hours, Nepal has added 9070 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus, a new number of confirmed cases in a single day hit a new high. As of 3 p.m. local time on June 6, nepal has confirmed more than 360,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,500 deaths.

Multiple factors have contributed to the growing outbreak in Nepal

After the outbreak in India, some Nepalese citizens who worked, lived and studied in India returned to Nepal, bringing in some cases. In addition, Nepal has entered the festival and wedding season since late March, and many gathering religious ceremonies, festivals and wedding parties have increased the chances of spreading the virus due to weak awareness of the pandemic.

Nepal Tourism Board said that as of the 5th Everest base camp everything is normal

Recently, Nepalese media reported that some climbers of Mount Everest during the spring of 2021 also showed symptoms of suspected Coronavirus. In addition, four Nepali Sherpa mountaineers who withdrew from their base camp on Mount Doragiri, another world-renowned peak, on May 4th tested positive, raising further concerns about mountaineering teams, including climbing Mount Everest.

In recent days, Nepali media reports that Mount Everest has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak has been rampant, but the relevant departments in Nepal have not yet formally responded. “As of Wednesday (5th), everything was normal at mount Qomolangma base camp,” Mira, head of Nepal’s tourism agency, told local media on Friday. On the evening of the 5th, the reporter called the official in charge of media liaison of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, but he refused to explain the reports of the Nepalese media.

Nepal: “Kumb cough” is similar to the symptoms of Coronavirus is difficult to diagnose

At least 20 climbers have been found suffering from a “cough” at mount Everest’s base camp, an official with the Himalayan Rescue Association, Nepal’s mountaineering and rescue agency. But it is not clear whether this is caused by a common “Kumbu cough” in alpine areas or neo-corona pneumonia, where the lungs are filled with fluid and the patient’s symptoms are similar.

Nepal: Mountaineering teams do not touch each other

Reporters stationed in the base camp of several mountaineering institutions to understand the situation, each team has said that their team is all right, and in accordance with the requirements of the Nepal Tourism Board, their teams concentrated in their own tent activities, the team does not contact each other.

Nepal: A record 2,000 people were issued for mountaineering permits this spring

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 408 climbers were granted climbing permits for Mount Everest during the spring of 2021, the largest number since the first successful summit in 1953. Each climber employs sherpa collaborators and post-security personnel, as well as officially arranged medical rescue workers, according to his or her own circumstances, and currently has a total of about 2,000 personnel stationed at Everest Base Camp.

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