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After 7 years of ALS, the co-sponsor of the Ice Bucket Challenge died

After 7 years of ALS, the co-sponsor of the Ice Bucket Challenge died

On November 22, local time, Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the "Ice Bucket Challenge", died at the age of 37. ( Photo Source: Screenshot of the official account of Reuters social networking website)

November 23rd According to the U.S. World Journal, a few years ago, the “ice barrel challenge” was popular all over the world to let people know ALS by pouring the ice water in the ice bucket off their heads. On the 22nd local time, Patrick Quinn, the co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge, died at the age of 37 after seven years of ALS.

Quinn was reportedly diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as ALS, in March 2013. He is the co-sponsor of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, which has raised more than $220 million in total, all of which are for medical research in ALS.

“He showed courage and inspiring strength in his tireless fight against ALS, and we will always remember him,” Quinn supporters said on social networks. According to the report, many people mourning on social media expressed gratitude to Quinn for drawing attention to the disease.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was not initiated by Quinn, but with the help of him and his family and friends, it became popular on social media in 2014. People around the world have uploaded videos and photos of themselves accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged others to do so, thus appealing to people to donate to support ALS research.

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