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Accidents in Iraq’s New Year’s Eve celebrations resulted in 1 death and more than 60 injuries.

Traffic accidents in north-central Egypt killed 11 people

Baghdad, January 1 The Iraqi Ministry of Health said on January 1 that various accidents during New Year’s Eve celebrations across Iraq resulted in one death and more than 60 injuries.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that during the celebration held in the capital Baghdad, one was shot dead and seven injured, and 25 others were injured by setting off fireworks or watching them.

In Kirkuk, the capital of Kirkuk Province, a fire broke out during the celebration in Kirkuk Governorate. Thirty people were injured.

On December 30 last year, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior decided to close public places on New Year’s Eve, prohibit people from gathering to celebrate, and strengthen patrols in central Baghdad.

But on the evening of December 31, people still gathered to celebrate the arrival of 2021 despite the ban.

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