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A wild elephant hunted and killed in Delindayi Province, Myanmar

A wild elephant hunted and killed in Delindayi Province, Myanmar

The forestry department of Myanmar recently discovered a wild elephant that was hunted near Bobbin Township in Delindayi Province. This wild elephant, about 30 years old, was about 2.4 meters tall and was shot twice in the local forest.

The ivory was sawn off by the creek. According to the head of the local forestry department, Wu Suoding, based on the bullet marks extracted at the scene, it can be determined that the wild elephant died in the hands of professional elephant hunters.

At present, the local police are tracking the poachers.

According to an investigation by the International Wildlife Conservation Organization, 22 wild elephants were found in the area between 2019 and 2020, but since the beginning of this year, 4 wild elephants have been hunted down.

In the past, Myanmar’s Yangon and Bago provinces were the places where wild elephant hunting occurred frequently.

At the worst, one wild elephant was hunted every week on average, but since Myanmar and WWF jointly launched anti-poaching operations Since February 27, 2018 in Bago Province and since April 4, 2018 in Yangon Province, there has been no hunting of wild elephants. 

Judging from the continuous hunting of wild elephants in Delindayi Province, poachers are moving to this area. 

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