A wedding in Washington, USA has become a “very common accident”About 40 people infected by Coronavirus

A wedding in Washington, USA has become a “very common accident”About 40 people infected by Coronavirus

San Francisco, November 17th. US media reported on the 17th local time that a wedding held in Washington State on November 7 became a “super spreading incident” of Coronavirus, which has caused about 40 people to be diagnosed and “subsequently Two virus outbreaks in China”. At the same time, the number of cases related to this wedding continues to increase.

The Seattle Times quoted Adams County Health Officer Karen Potts as saying that the November 7 wedding was held indoors in a large, unregistered agricultural building in Adams County. Health officials in Grant County and Adams County said the wedding attracted more than 300 people. According to reports, at that time, the limit on the number of weddings in the area was 30. Officials said on the 17th that in the incident, nearly 40 people were diagnosed in Grant County, and 3 people were diagnosed in Adams County, and they are still counting. Potts said: “This is the last example we want to see.”

Wedding 300 guests became a coronavirus spreader event.

Wedding 300 guests became a coronavirus spreader event. Grant County health officials urge wedding participants to undergo virus testing and self-quarantine before November 21. However, officials said that because the wedding had more than 300 attendees and came from different communities, the local health department was unlikely to notify everyone. The National Broadcasting Corporation reported that Grant County Health Officer Teresa Adkinson said in a statement: “We are very grateful to the wedding participants who were tested for the virus and stayed at home. These measures help protect their health. Friends, colleagues and communities are protected from the virus.”

Grant County health officials are urging wedding organizers in each county to keep a list of attendees for at least two weeks to prevent an outbreak of virus infection.

Prior to this, many weddings in the United States have become “super spreading events.” CBS reported that in October, weddings and birthday parties on Long Island, New York caused at least 56 people to test positive for Coronavirus and nearly 300 people were required to be isolated. In September, the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the 175 confirmed cases were related to a wedding reception held in the state in August. Officials say that at least seven people have died from the virus outbreak.

Washington State Governor Jay Insley announced on the 15th local time that due to the continuous increase in the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus, Washington State will adopt new restrictions on certain business and social gatherings in the next four weeks. Among them, the scale of weddings and funerals cannot exceed 30 people, and entertaining activities are prohibited.

On the 16th, the Washington State Department of Health reported a record 2,589 new confirmed cases. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the state subsequently reached 134,121, of which 2,571 people died. (Finish)