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A tragic explosion in the US mayor grinned in an interview

A tragic explosion in the US mayor grinned in an interview

December 26th. On the  morning of the 25th local time, a big explosion occurred in the center of Nashville, the United States, which injured three people and damaged many buildings.

Human remains were found on the scene. The local communication network was once interrupted, the alarm system malfunctioned, and even the aircraft was suspended. 

However, the mayor of the area was interviewed by the media and he grinned about the bombing, which attracted criticism from netizens.

The mayor of the United States grinned during the interview

According to Breaking911, the mayor of Nashville is named John Cooper (John Cooper), who is 64 years old and is a Democrat. 

In an interview with an American media, he said, “There is still one week left in 2020.

(the bombing) seems to be deliberate, but this seems to be an isolated incident.”

The scene of the bombing (Reuters)

He also said jokingly, “Various things happened this year, and now there is another big explosion.” During the period, he laughed many times.

The scene of the bombing (Associated Press)

John Cooper’s performance quickly caused great controversy. Many netizens accused: “Too indifferent! How can you laugh?” “Did you drink too much?”

“You can still laugh when your city is bombed. Don’t you think it’s interesting?”

“Incompetent, please step down!” But some netizens said that the mayor may be too nervous and unintentionally caused his expression to lose control. 

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