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A tanker was attacked by a ship full of explosives in Saudi Arabia. Authorities: It was a terrorist attack.

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December 15 According to a Saudi Gazette, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Energy confirmed that on the 14th local time, an oil tanker docked in the port of Jeddah in the western part of the country was attacked by a ship full of explosives, causing a fire, but no casualties were caused.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy said in a statement that the “terrorist attack” triggered an explosion and a fire, but the emergency response force had successfully put out the fire. The statement also pointed out that the incident did not cause any casualties, did not cause damage to the unloading facilities, and did not have an impact on the supply of materials.

According to the report, the Saudi Ministry of Energy condemned the attack. A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Energy warned that “these acts of terrorism and destruction against important facilities” are not only aimed at Saudi Arabia and its important facilities, but also affect the security and stability of global energy supply.

In addition, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Energy also highlighted the threat of oil or petroleum product spills to coastal and regional waters, as well as the risk of major environmental disasters.

Shortly before the attack, an offshore oil platform was reportedly attacked and a fire broke out on the coast of Gizan province in southwest Saudi Arabia. An oil facility near the coastal city of Jeddah also exploded and caught fire after the attack.

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