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A state of emergency has been declared in the central Israeli city of Lorde, where police say Arab residents have set fire to riots

IDF spokesman: The scale of air strikes is likely to expand in the coming days

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a state of emergency in the central city of Lorde on Tuesday, with police saying local Arab residents set fire to synagogues, shops and cars, sparking violent riots.

According to the Times of Israel reported on the 12th, the city of Lorde riots broke out on the 12th, Arab residents in the local three synagogues and a number of shops set fire to, and dozens of cars were set on fire. The Israeli government declared a state of emergency in Lorde the same day and sent police to restore order.

Some residents of Lorde said power was cut off from the home and petrol bombs were thrown through windows. Local police said they had to escort some residents home from community centres because of unrest caused by Arab residents.

Mayor Lord said the city’s town halls and museums had also been attacked, comparing the situation to anti-Semitic events in Germany, known as “Crystal Nights” in November 1938, saying a “civil war” was breaking out.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Lord on the 12th, “I have been receiving the latest news about the city all day long, the incident is very serious, we can not stand such unrest,” the Jerusalem Post reported. He said a curfew would be imposed if necessary to restore order on the ground.

Asked by reporters whether “the police-Palestinian conflict in Jerusalem could lead to unrest in Lorde,” Netanyahu rejected that claim, saying that “there is no excuse for these incidents, it is deep-rooted hatred.” ”

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