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A small plane collided in Russia, killing 3 people.

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â–³Picture source: Russian media

Moscow, January 8 On the 8th, two small planes collided in the Russian state of Leningrad.

the 8th, one of the planes crashed, killing three people.

According to Russian media reports, after taking off from an airport in Lomonosov District, Leningrad Oblast that day, it collided with another small plane over the airport, causing the plane to crash, killing three people, including a pilot, on the spot.

Another small plane landed safely after the accident.

The pilot on board was slightly injured and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The report said that the two small planes flew training at the airport that day.

Preliminary investigation shows that the departure time of the two aircraft is only a few minutes apart.

The Russian Federal Investigation Commission has launched a further investigation into the accident.

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