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A shocking scene before the death of a 13-year-old boy from the novel coronavirus in the United States

A shocking scene before the death of a 13-year-old boy from the novel coronavirus in the United States

The picture shows the dead boy and his nurse mother.

According to media reports, recently, after her 13-year-old son died of complications caused by COVID-19, a nurse in the United States deliberately sent out the tragic scene of her son’s serious illness in the hospital, hoping to warn more Americans to take the coronavirus epidemic seriously.

According to the British tabloids Daily Mail and The Sun, the bloody scene in the picture below comes from the ward of a 13-year-old child who died of complications after contracting COVID-19 in the United States. The mother of the child hopes to publish the scene in order to warn more Americans to take the epidemic seriously.

According to reports from the two media, the 13-year-old boy was infected with the novel coronavirus with his mother, a nurse, on October 25 this year.

Because the symptoms of both were mild at that time, they only took isolation measures at first and did not go to treatment radically.

However, on October 29, the boy, who also had asthma and thyroid diseases, suddenly deteriorated and could not even speak. When his nurse mother sent him to the hospital, she was even more shocked to learn that the child’s blood oxygen level was as low as 44% – while the normal blood oxygen level should be between 95% and 100%.

The mother also said that she had never seen anyone with such low blood oxygen levels in so many years as a nurse.

Therefore, the hospital took emergency rescue measures for the child, including a rescue strategy that many of us are familiar with in the critically ill patients with COVID-19: go to ECMO (i.e. extracorporeal membrane pulmonary oxygenation equipment) to maintain the child’s blood oxygen level.

The bloody scene in the picture above comes from this stage. In order to save the child’s life, when the doctor intubated the child, the blood accumulated in the child’s chest was sprayed on the wall of the ward.

Unfortunately, the boy was unfortunately died in the end.

His mother has been unbelievable so far, because public opinion has been saying that the disease is not serious for children.

What’s more unfortunate is that not long after the boy’s death, his mother’s sister also contracted the novel coronavirus and died in early December.

So the mother decided to release the tragic scene of her child’s hospital rescue as a warning that more Americans must seriously deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

Previously, the hospital that treated children also reminded that although the coronavirus vaccine has been developed, people still need to be careful to deal with the epidemic and take serious epidemic prevention measures.

Masks, hand washing and social distancing are all indispensable.

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