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A river in Japan suddenly turned into a “blood river”. The police urgently dispatched

A river in Japan suddenly turned into a "blood river". The police urgently dispatched

Turn into red Yachuan River (MBS)

January 7th – On the 6th local time, the police of Kyoto City, Japan, received a notification that the water of the Yachuan River in the city turned red.

The local police and the water department subsequently dispatched urgently and found that it was red sewage staining the river water, but the specific source of the sewage was not clear.

Local police (MBS) who are conducting an investigation on the spot

According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on the 6th, after investigation, the Kyoto Water Authority found that a branch about 30 centimeters long blocked the sewage treatment equipment, causing red sewage that should have entered the sewage treatment plant to flow into the Yagawa River.

However, it is not clear whether it is a dye or paint, and its specific source.

According to the report, the content of harmful substances in the water of the Yachuan River has not exceeded the standard, and no fish deaths have been found.

In order to prevent similar accidents from happening again, the Kyoto Water Authority is conducting a detailed investigation on the spot.

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