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A pregnant woman in the United States died of COVID-19 and has not yet held a newborn child.

British politicians plead not to call the mutant virus "British origin" again.

CNN reported the story of an American pregnant woman infected with the novel coronavirus on the 8th. Erica Becera, 33, a COVID-19 patient. After giving birth to a baby boy in the middle of last month, her condition worsened. She died three weeks later. She never been able to hug her new son with her hands. . Her family said she wanted to let more Americans know Erica’s story, so that they could value the epidemic and stop using it as a “joke”.

Erica was tested for COVID-19 when she was eight months pregnant. A few days before delivery, she began to show symptoms such as dyspnea and was admitted to the hospital. Considering her condition continues to deteriorate, the doctor decided to let her give birth to the child early. On the 15th of last month, Erica gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Detroit.

But after giving birth, Erica’s condition worsened. Before she could hug the baby, Erica was intubated and put on a ventilator. But three weeks later, she died unfortunately, leaving behind her husband, a one-year-old daughter and a son who is not yet a full moon.

Erica’s family said that Erica is in good health and has no basic diseases. After the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, she doesn’t go out much. Even when she goes out, she wears masks, disinfects frequently and abides with various hygiene and epidemic prevention regulations. But even so, Erica is still infected with the novel coronavirus.

Family of Erica Becera, a COVID-19 death patient: There are still many people who don’t know the situation. They think it’s a joke until they or their family members are infected.

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