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A police car collided with civilians in Washington, USA. Violent protests broke out in the local area.

A police car collided with civilians in Washington, USA. Violent protests broke out in the local area.

January 24th, local time, there was a scene in Tacoma, Washington, United States: angry demonstrators vented their anger in the streets of downtown Tacoma.

After smashing shops and setting up roadblocks, demonstrators vented their dissatisfaction in a violent way. The root of all this is the incident of a police car hitting civilians the day before.

According to Russia Today (RT), demonstrators broke down shops and graffiti on buildings when they marched to the site of the police car crashing into civilians the previous day.

“No police, no prison, all abolished!” The demonstrators shouted slogans.

RT described the scene as the confrontation intensified, windows were broken, aggressive graffiti was sprayed on the building’s exterior walls, garbage cans were lit and burning roadblocks were formed on the streets.

There are reports that cars belonging to the local sheriff’s office were smashed, and a local guarantor’s office was also smashed.

Police said that at about 23:00 local time, the demonstrators dispersed one after another, and there were no casualties.

The report mentioned that police reported that at least three people tried to enter the roof of a building in central Tacoma.

Two of them were arrested for possessing pistols and knives, and another suspect escaped on foot and escaped from the pursuit.

According to previous reports, a police car collided with a public on the evening of January 23rd local time in Tacoma.

Videos released by the media showed that a police car suddenly rushed out of the crowd that night, and someone was injured and fell to the ground.

Subsequently, local police said that the incident injured at least one person.

Police said that there were racing drivers racing in the street on the night of the incident, which triggered onlookers.

However, after the police arrived at the scene, the onlookers began to besiege the police car.

In order to ensure safety, the police car finally rushed out of the crowd.

At present, the case has been referred to the investigating agency for further investigation.

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