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A new variant of the novel coronavirus has been discovered in the UK, and the number of infected people exceeds 1,000.

A local case of infection with a mutant strain of COVID-19 has been found in Cyprus.

December 15th – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 14th that the United Kingdom has confirmed the discovery of a new variant of the novel coronavirus, which spreads faster, and the number of infected people has exceeded 1,000. From the early morning of the 16th, the epidemic prevention level in London will be upgraded to the highest level.

Matt Hancock, the British Health Secretary of State, confirmed on the 14th that at least 60 regions in the UK have recorded new variants of the novel coronavirus, mainly concentrated in southern England. The mutant virus is spreading faster than the existing COVID-19 virus and will cause a “stagion-up” in cases across the Southeast region. To date, 1,000 new variants have been found.

Hancock also said that the British health department has informed the World Health Organization of the situation and carried out research, but it is not yet possible to confirm whether the mutant virus will have more serious consequences or invalidate the coronavirus vaccine.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer of the United Kingdom, said that testing for new variants is still under way and that it is not “more dangerous” than existing strains. But he said that the effectiveness of the vaccine may be affected, but it is too early to know exactly what the impact of the new variant will have.

According to Sky News, parts of London, Essex and Hertfordshire will enter the highest level of “level 3” epidemic prevention from the 16th. According to the regulations, restaurants, bars and other catering places only retain take-out services, stadiums cannot take spectators to hold large-scale events, theaters and cinemas are closed, and outdoor gatherings cannot exceed six people.

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