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A melee in Italy late at night: Hundreds of demonstrators shoot fireworks, police strike back with smoke bombs

A melee in Italy late at night: Hundreds of demonstrators shoot fireworks, police strike back with smoke bombs

A garbage can set on fire in front of the Campania Region headquarters during the protest for the curfew and the prospect of lockdown in Naples, Italy, 23 October 2020. ANSA/STRINGER

October 26th. “Russia Today” reported on the 26th that just after Italian Prime Minister Conte announced on the 25th to further tighten pandemic prevention measures to deal with the surge in Coronavirus cases, about 200 extreme demonstrators.

Italian police that night In the fierce clashes in Rome, these masked demonstrators fired a large number of fireworks at the police, and the police responded with smoke bombs. The scene of the confrontation was full of flames and smoke, and 8 demonstrators were arrested.

According to reports, on the 25th local time, about 200 extreme demonstrators gathered in Piazza del Popolo in Rome to oppose the pandemic prevention measures introduced by the Italian government. 

Shortly after midnight, skirmishes broke out. Masked demonstrators violated their promise of peaceful protest by setting off a large number of fireworks, and the police responded with smoke bombs.

Then the conflict escalated, some garbage bins and vehicles were set alight, the square was filled with explosions, and smoke filled the square and streets. The explosion-proof police formed a wall to expel the demonstrators and arrested 8 people that night.

According to reports, Italy is the first European country to implement a nationwide “blockade” due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After the pandemic eased for a while, Italy relaxed its prevention and control measures. 

However, the Italian pandemic has recently rebounded, and the number of confirmed cases in a single day has repeatedly hit new highs. The cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide has exceeded 500,000, with more than 37,000 deaths. Conte announced on the 25th that from 00:00 on the 26th to November 24th, Italy will ban bars, cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. from continuing to operate after 18:00 every day.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica stated that some local governments previously called on Conte to adopt “moderate” prevention and control measures to help companies that have been hit hard to bail out. Italy is suffering from its worst economic recession since World War II. 

However, medical experts recommend stricter measures to curb the worsening of pandemic. Walter Ricciardi, an adviser to the Italian Ministry of Health, said: “Many regions failed to strengthen their health systems during the summer (during the easing of pandemic). Now we have to pay the price.”

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