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A landslide occurred in a Malaysian resort early in the morning

A landslide occurred in a Malaysian resort early in the morning

November 10 electric integrated Malaysia Sin Chew network, “See Hua Daily News” message, the capital of Perak, Malaysia Ipoh (Ipoh) of a spa resort early this morning landslide incident, a pair of Chinese men and women missing. After several hours of search and rescue, the trapped Chinese men and women were found, and they both died.

Perak’s Acting Police Chief Datuk Goh Man Kung held a press conference outside the resort at about 10 am. He said that the two victims were found in the jacuzzi inside the villa and they were not far apart. It is reported that the Chinese men and women are 39 and 32 years old. According to reports, at 1:28 this morning, the Ipoh Fire and Rescue Bureau received an alarm call from the resort stating that a building was covered by landslides, so it immediately dispatched personnel to the scene to conduct search and rescue operations.

According to reports, there were residents in 4 villas in the resort that night. After the landslide, the resort staff hurriedly contacted the residents, but a pair of Chinese men and women were still unable to contact, so they went over the wall and entered the villa to check. The staff member found that the spa bath had been buried in the ground. He believed that the two should be in the spa bath at the time of the incident, so they did not hear the staff’s emergency evacuation notice.

According to reports, the resort is located next to several hills, caused by landslides or rain. The early morning search and rescue work was also forced to stop several times because of the continued occurrence of landslides. At 7 o’clock this morning, rescuers started search and rescue again.

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