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A Greek oil tanker exploded after being attacked by a suspected mine in the Red Sea

An oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of a Syrian port

A South Korean transport ship was detained by Iran, and the South Korean government will send a delegation to Iraq to negotiate.

November 27. According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, on November 25 local time, a Greek crude oil tanker was attacked when it was anchored in the Red Sea near Saudi Arabia. According to a preliminary report from the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy of Greece, the captain of the tanker and other crew members are out of danger.

According to reports, the accidental tanker Agrari was flying the Maltese flag and was owned by the Greek shipping company TMS Tankers. When the oil tanker was about to leave Saudi Arabia’s Shukek port on the 23rd local time, it was “attacked by unknown sources.”

The operator of the Agri said in a statement that the tanker was “attacked by an unknown source” and was hit 1 meter above the waterline. The explosion caused the hull to penetrate. But the people on board were safe, there were no casualties, and no pollution problems occurred. The tanker floated near the coast after the accident, and Saudi officials have boarded the ship to investigate.

An official of the Greek Ministry of Shipping said that there were 25 people on board the tanker, of which 7 were Greeks. At the time of the explosion, the tanker was not carrying cargo, and the cause of the explosion is unclear.

Ambrey, the largest maritime escort security company in the UK, revealed that the explosion was caused by a mine. No person or organization has announced responsibility. 

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