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A fire broke out in a Romanian hospital, killed 4 coronavirus patients

A fire at a hospital for patients in the Iraqi capital has killed 23 people

January 29 According to AFP, Romanian officials said that on the 29th local time, a fire broke out in a hospital treating coronavirus patients in the capital Bucharest, killing at least four people.

According to reports, Skiop, the head of the emergency inspection department, said that the fire occurred at about 5 p.m. local time on the 29th.

Four wards were affected, and 102 people were evacuated and transferred to other hospitals.

The hospital initially found three patients dead, and a fourth patient died after the rescue failed, said Arafat, the secretary of the Ministry of the Interior.

As of January 29, there were nearly 7,700 coronavirus patients in Romania, of whom 989 were in intensive care units, Reuters reported.

The country has reported a total of 721,513 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 18,105 deaths.

This follows a fire in another Romanian hospital treating coronavirus patients in November 2020, killing 10 people and injuring another 7.

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