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A couple in the United States flashed for 5 months. The groom was charged with murdering a Chinese wife and jailed.

A couple in the United States flashed for 5 months. The groom was charged with murdering a Chinese wife and jailed.

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July 20 – According to a comprehensive compilation of the World Daily, a couple in Tennessee married on February 18. More than five months later, the groom was arrested on charges of murdering the pharmacist’s Chinese bride while on his honeymoon in Fiji.

Dawson and Ms. Chen were described by friends as falling in love with lightning. The next day after marriage, they held a party at the historic hotel in their hometown of Manfis. Just over five months later, the groom was imprisoned.

The couple fell in love with lightning and got married in the whirlwind. The wedding planner said in a newly deleted social media post that the wedding ceremony would be completed in just 26 days.

Fijian media Fiji Sun reported that Dawson killed his newlywed wife Ms. Chen at a luxury resort in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji, on July 9th. After the incident, Dawson did not cooperate with the authorities, and the police asked the judge to order Dawson to undergo DNA testing.

Dawson’s lawyer, Conn, confirmed to the local media that Chen’s body was found in the hotel room where the newlywed was staying, and Dawson, who was accused of murder, insisted innocent.

Chen’s personal data from the professional community website LinkedIn shows that he is 36 years old. He trained as a pastry chef and owns a bakery in Denver. After that, he returned to school for further study. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Center School of Pharmacy last year, and was later hired as a pharmacist by the local Kroger supermarket.

As for Dawson, who is 38 years old, was a computer expert in Youth Villages, a non-profit organization in Manfis before the accident, and has been suspended.

An unknown person who knew Chen in his professional field said that the two’s decision to get married surprised many people; few of Chen’s friends met Dawson before the wedding.

The couple seemed to be very happy at the wedding banquet. The photographer they hired said in a social media post that the two were overjoyed with joy, and “it’s so interesting to catch it with the camera.” The page was removed on the 19th.

Dawson appeared in the District Court of Lautoka, Fiji’s second largest city, on July 13. Judge Vada Casaramon ordered his detention and was scheduled to appear in the High Court on the 27th; Dawson will face life imprisonment if convicted.

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