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A county in United States tightens pandemic prevention measures: not wearing mask could be fined up to 500$

Covid-19 inspection point outside a shopping mall in the United States. (Associated Press)

A county in United States tightens pandemic prevention measures: not wearing mask could be fined up to 500$

Overseas Network, November 15th. Frederick County, Maryland , United States, the pandemic prevention measures that took effect on Friday (13th) afternoon stipulate that if people do not wear masks in indoor public places, or do not maintain social distance with strangers outdoors , They may be fined up to 500 US dollars.

According to news from the “Washington Times” on the 13th, the county’s pandemic prevention measures stipulate that the first violation will be fined 250 US dollars, and the second violation will be fined 375 US dollars. Any subsequent violations will be fined 500 US dollars. The order will be executed by “any county-level branch or department that has jurisdiction over any specially prescribed subject.”

According to reports, the Frederick County Health Commission voted on Thursday (12th) to approve the mask regulations applicable to people over 5 years old, which are part of pandemic prevention order that came into effect at 5 pm on the 13th. Strict regulations have also reduced the capacity of businesses, houses of worship and social gatherings. 

Religious facilities only allow 50% of the capacity, and other indoor and outdoor venues must be limited to 25 people or 25% of the capacity of the venue (whichever is smaller). This rule applies to: bars, nightclubs, tasting rooms, breweries and wineries, fitness centers, clubs, fairs, rodeos, auction houses, and social and private parties. Starting from November 30, the capacity of the wedding venue will also be reduced.

The tightened restrictions were caused by the county’s recent increase in cases. The county’s senior health officer, Dr. Barbara Brookmyer, said residents need to “take personal responsibility.” “If we all wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash our hands frequently, we can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 for friends, family and ourselves, and ensure that our hospital is able to provide us with the help we need at all times,” Brooks Mill said in a press release on the 12th.

Data from the local health department showed that 68 new cases were confirmed in the county on the 13th, the highest number since April 24, bringing the total number of cases among the county’s approximately 260,000 residents to 5,441. The positive rate of cases is 5% benchmark set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There was no new death toll that day, and the total death toll due to pandemic reached 132

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