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A cash truck in Rome, Italy, was robbed with a gun. The escort was seriously injured.

A cash truck in Rome, Italy, was robbed with a gun. The escort was seriously injured.

November 27 According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency by the European Network, on the morning of the 26th local time, a robbery occurred in Zagarolo, Italy, and a cash truck carrying out a cash escort mission was robbed at gunpoint. As a result of the incident, an armed escort was seriously injured and all the cash on the car was taken away.

At the time of the crime, it was reported that the cash truck was on the task of escorting cash. When it drove into Bellini Street in Zagarolo City, it was suddenly stopped by a car. Subsequently, two masked gun robbers rushed out of the car, threatened an armed escort to get out of the car with a gun, and asked the escort to open the security door to load cash at the rear of the cash truck.

According to the report, there are three robbers, one of whom is responsible for controlling the driver and an armed escort in the cab with a gun, and the other is to coerce a escort to open the safety door of the cash truck. Subsequently, the third robber quickly moved several cash safes from the cash truck to the car.

According to reports, just as a robber was moving the safe, a 44-year-old armed escort in the money truck tried to take out his pistol and fight back against the robbers. Immediately after the robbers found it, they shot, causing the escort to be shot in the abdomen. After three masked robbers were able to escape the scene quickly.

After the crime, a large number of police rushed to the scene, and the ambulance helicopter quickly sent the injured armed escorts to Rome’s Jemeli Hospital for rescue. At present, the injured are out of danger. Subsequently, the authorities mobilized police helicopters to assist the ground police, fully surrounded the escaped suspects, and searched for the vehicles involved in the area near the crime scene.

The local police officer in charge of investigating the case, Le Foche, said that shortly after the incident, the police found the suspect’s vehicles in the Galicano-Nerazio area of Rome Province. At present, the police are conducting further investigation into the case.

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