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A bank in Florida announced that it had closed Trump’s account

A bank in Florida announced that it had closed Trump's account

Source: NewYork Times

According to the Hill, a Florida bank announced on the 21st local time that it had closed the relevant accounts of former President Trump.

According to the report, after the Capitol riots on January 6, more and more banks cut off contact with the former president.

The bank, Bank United, reportedly said that “we no longer have any deposit (transaction) relationship with him,” but did not give the reason for the decision to close the account.

The report also quoted the Washington Post as saying that Trump’s “financial disclosure” showed that he had two currency accounts at the bank and held funds between $5.1 million and $25.2 million.

The report mentioned that another Florida bank, the Professional Bank, also announced last week that it would cut off business with Trump and said that it would no longer do business with the former president or some of his institutions.

Previously, Signatory Bank and Deutsche Bank in New York also said that they would no longer do business with Trump in the future.

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