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A 22-year-old American woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing Pelosi’s computer and selling it to Russia.

A 22-year-old American woman was arrested on suspicion of stealing Pelosi's computer and selling it to Russia.

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The person suspected of “stealing Pelosi’s computer and selling it to Russia” was caught. According to the British Daily Mail on the 19th, 22-year-old Riley JunWilliams was arrested in central Pennsylvania on the 18th local time.

The report said that it is not clear about the specific place of Williams’ arrest and whether he has surrendered voluntarily.

On the day of the congressional riots, Williams was photographed directing protesters to a section of stairs leading to the office of House Speaker Pelosi, according to the alleged documents.

According to the report, Williams is still under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly stealing a laptop from Pelosi’s office, but she has not been prosecuted for it.

On the 17th, the U.S. “Politician” News Network quoted an allegation published on the 17th local time that Williams appeared near Pelosi’s office during the congressional riots on the 6th and was monitored to capture the relevant pictures.

According to testimony, one witness also said that he saw a video of Williams “taking away a laptop or hard disk from Speaker Pelosi’s office”. Witnesses also said that Williams intended to send the computer to a friend in Russia, who planned to sell the equipment to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency (SVR).

However, the testimony also states that “According to [witness 1), for unknown reasons, the computer equipment could not be transferred to Russia, and Williams still held the computer equipment or destroyed it.”

The accusation also said, “Williams seems to have escaped.” According to law enforcement officials, Williams’ mother said that Williams packed up and left home and told his mother that she would leave for a few weeks.

However, the report said that Williams did not disclose to her mother any of the destinations he had traveled to.”

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