A 12-year-old child in the United States died after being beaten by a classmate for just one dollar

A 12-year-old child has died after being punched and kicked by a classmate for just one dollar, Business Insider reported Monday.

Romy Versant, a fifth-grader at a school in Brooklyn, New York, told his family that he was beaten in the head by a classmate, local television reported. His family told local media that Versant said at the time that the classmate had been given a dollar and had been instigated to beat himself up.

The New York Post reported that Versant went to the school’s nurse’s office with a headache after the attack. He left a voice message for his father in the office, saying that someone had “hit me hard”.

After that, Versante aggravated his injuries and began vomiting, where he was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital. Versant’s cause of death is not yet known.

“They hit my son at school,” the boy’s father, Roman Versant, told the New York Post. They killed him. Oh God, I lost my son! ”

Versant’s family told local television that Versant’s mother had sent him from Haiti to Live in New York in 2017 “for a better life.”

The New York Post reported that police are investigating the situation. A spokesman for the local education department said the incident was “a terrible tragedy.”