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70 years apart! Japan Post Company issued a new 1-day stamp, and the “Little Bear Postman” is coming.

Japan has received the first two batches of coronavirus vaccines, with a cumulative maximum of 830,000 doses.

Japan under the pandemic.

Japan Post announced that it will sell one yen (about 6 cents) of stamps with the portrait of the mascot “Little Bear Postman” at the national post office from April 14.

Japan’s 1-Yen stamps have long only printed a portrait of former Shimami, known as the “father of Japan’s modern post”, which is the time when the Japan Post Company issued a new 1- yen stamp after 70 years.

Previously, after readers submitted articles in newspaper columns calling for the redesign of stamps, senior executives of Japan Post did not promote the occurrence of this “historical event” until they read the article.

According to Japan Post Company, the 1-Yen Maeshimami stamps used today were designed in 1951, and there is only one version so far.

As the Japanese government raised the excise tax, the postage increased, and more and more people use 1 yen stamps.

Postal offices around the world continue to receive feedback from consumers, “I hope to design stamps with other patterns” and “Make stamps cuter”.

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