60% of Americans are dissatisfied with the U.S. government’s work related to the coronavirus vaccine.

January 22nd local time, a new poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation of the United States showed that 60% of Americans were dissatisfied with the government’s work on the coronavirus vaccine.

The report, based on a survey of 1,563 American adults from January 11 to 18, shows that Americans have generated various negative feelings about the government’s efforts to distribute coronavirus vaccines.

Half of the respondents said they were “frustrated”, one third said they were “confused”, and nearly a quarter said they were “furious”.

The majority of respondents (60%) rated their state government’s performance on vaccines as “average or poor”.

In addition to the low confidence in the government, insufficient public awareness of vaccination is another major problem reflected in the report.

Of the surveyed, 55% of essential workers who have not yet been vaccinated still have no idea of details such as when and where the coronavirus vaccination will be.

And 21% of healthcare workers who did not receive vaccination said they did not have enough information to know when to get the coronavirus vaccine.