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60 billion rubles! Putin set up a relief fund for seriously ill children

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△Russian President Putin (Photo Source: Russian President's Website)

In order to get more seriously ill children to be treated, Russian President Putin signed an order on the 6th to establish a fund to support children with serious life-threatening and chronic diseases.

Russia’s “View” reported on the 7th that the fund was mainly established to provide high-priced drugs and medical equipment for children with serious diseases, especially those families with children who cannot afford the high cost of treatment.

Putin said that the government will increase the personal income tax of the rich with an annual income of more than 5 million roubles, and the additional tax of about 60 billion roubles is just used to buy high-priced drugs.

At present, more than 9,000 Russian children are suffering from serious diseases and need to be treated with nearly 50 drugs.

Soldunova, a member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, expressed support for the establishment of the foundation.

She said that the president had long decided to establish this fund, which would help provide effective treatment for seriously ill children and reduce the burden on the families of children.

It is understood that Putin held a videoconference with volunteers on Volunteer Day last December.

Regina, a child with serious illness, told Putin in the video that the reason why many children face death threats is that they can’t afford expensive drugs.

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