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50 U.S. children pose for photos with “Santa Claus” for fear of contracting Coronavirus

50 U.S. children pose for photos with "Santa Claus" for fear of contracting Coronavirus

According to a report on the 15th local time on the US BuzzFeed news website, after dozens of children took photos with the “Santa Claus” at the Christmas parade in Georgia last week, the two actors tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The chairman of the Long County Committee, Robert D. Parker (Robert D. Parker) posted on social media Facebook on Monday that after the County Chamber of Commerce held a local Christmas parade on December 10, the “Santa Claus” and “Christmas” Madam” tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Parker wrote that about 50 children had taken photos with “Santa Claus” and added that the “Santa couple” had no symptoms at the time of the incident.

Parker said: “If your child is infected, you should follow the correct contact guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, but I don’t think this incident will cause panic.” He also said that he believes that although in Georgia and the country , The number of hospitalizations and deaths is on the rise, but it is the right decision to continue holding the parade. 

He wrote: “My children took photos with Santa Claus, and their smiles were bigger than any day after they were banned from school.”

According to data from the Georgia Department of Public Health, between November 26 and December 9, the detection rate of the new coronavirus in Long County was 11%, and 16 new cases were reported last week. The total population of Lang County is about 20,000.

The report pointed out that although children are less likely to suffer from severe COVID-19, they are not immune to the virus and can still spread it to others.

It is unclear whether the children were wearing masks when taking pictures, or whether anyone else was exposed to the new coronavirus. However, a photo of the “Santa Couple” sitting on the roof of a fire truck posted by the Long County Fire Department on Facebook showed that they were not wearing face masks.

Under the photo it reads: “Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are taking our fire truck into town tonight! We are very happy at the Christmas parade. We hope all boys and girls enjoy seeing them. Merry Christmas!”

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