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25 people died mysteriously in a year at the U.S. Fort Hood base. 14 officers and soldiers were suspended from duty.

25 people died mysteriously in a year at the U.S. Fort Hood base. 14 officers and soldiers were suspended from duty.

Vanessa Gillen, a murdered female soldier (AP)

Overseas Network, December 9th – On the 8th local time, the U.S.

Army announced the dismissal or suspension of 14 officers and soldiers at the Fort Hood Military Base in Texas, and ordered changes in

relevant policies to address widespread violence, including murder, sexual assault and sexual harassment

caused by leadership mistakes at the base.

Soldier Miho Mota dies at a lake 15 miles from base (Social Media)

According to the Associated Press and other media reports, U.S. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy fired three senior commanders and suspended the other two.

He also ordered an investigation into the staffing of the base’s criminal investigation agency. It is reported that at least 25 soldiers assigned to the Fort Hood military base have died from unnatural causes such as suicide, his killing or accident in the past year, including 20-year-old female soldier Vanessa Gillen.

Her body was found two months after her mysterious disappearance and was brutally mutilated by the murderer.

Fort Hood Military Base (AP)

McCarthy told reporters at the Department of Defense that the independent team’s assessment can conclude that the problems at the Fort Hood base, including major deficiencies in the response to sexual assault and harassment, are directly related to leadership failures.

Vanessa’s mother said in an interview that she talked to McCarthy and hoped to see those who hurt her daughter go to prison.” As her mother, nothing can relieve my pain day and night,” she said with tears.

Female American soldiers were killed with hammers after being sexually harassed, and 14 officers were dismissed and suspended.

In April this year, a female soldier serving at the U.S. Fort Hood base was killed by a violent man with a hammer and mutilated and thrown corpses after being sexually harassed by her superiors.

In addition, 26 soldiers died in the base this year. On December 8th local time, the U.S. Army announced that 14 officers at the base had been fired or suspended.

Source: USA Today

The Fort Hood military base involved in this case is located in Texas, the United States. According to previous data, the base is the largest armored training ground for the U.S. military, with a total of about 50,000 officers and soldiers stationed.

However, under its reputation, the base has repeatedly suffered various serious casualties. In the past year alone, 26 soldiers at the base died in accidents during their service, including the fate of 20-year-old female soldier Gillen.

Some victims’ information map, source: WCSC News Network

It is reported that Gillen, who served in Fort Hood, had previously been sexually harassed by another soldier at the same base. According to the feedback of the investigation team, Gillen had filed a sexual harassment complaint with his superiors, but was not properly dealt with by the superiors. On June 30, Gillen’s mutilated body was found in a river near the base.

Gillen’s life profile, source: CNN

The investigation showed that the suspect who killed Gillen was the perpetrator who had previously harassed her. On the day of the crime, the suspect killed Gillen with a hammer, dismembered his body and threw his body into the wilderness.

In addition to Gillen, on 27 August, Sergeant Fernandez, who served in the 1st Cavalry Division of the base, was also found to have died unexpectedly nine days after his disappearance. According to media reports, Fernandez was also transferred from his original unit due to sexual abuse.

Fernandez profile picture, source: Twitter

After various vicious cases, the U.S. military discipline inspection department announced its involvement in the investigation. The survey results show that there has been a long-standing bad atmosphere conducive to sexual harassment and bullying at the Fort Hood base, and military discipline is useless.

On the 8th, the U.S. Army announced the dismissal and suspension of 14 officers involved in the case, including Jeffery Broadwater, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, and Major General Scott Efflandt.

Image taken from the investigation report of the United States Congress

It is worth mentioning that on November 5, 2009, there was a serious shooting incident in Fort Hood barracks, in which 12 soldiers and 1 military employee were killed and 30 injured. The gunman was Palestinian-American U.S.

Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan. Some of the person in charge of the investigation of the case put the case Listed as “terrorist attack”, this case is also the worst shooting in the history of the U.S. military base.

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