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25 people arrested in Brussels, including a member of the European Parliament

Egyptian prosecutors have arrested four people responsible for the train derailment

During the second wave of epidemic “lockdown”, police in Brussels, Belgium, found an illegal “mass lewry” incident. Among the 25 people involved, there is also one member of the European Parliament and several diplomats.

The BBC reported on the 2nd that the scene of the incident was in a pub in Brussels. When police raided in, they found that 25 “naked” people were enjoying “sex parties” and alcohol and drugs were “enjoyed”. At the time of the arrest of law enforcement officials, the parliamentarian involved tried to escape from the window.

The man who tried to escape was reportedly Joseph Sayer, a member of the Hungarian ruling party and a member of the European Parliament. He said he had been “official verbal warning” and said in a statement that it was just a “private party” and that his “inappropriate behavior” was completely “personal” and that “I ask people not to be implicated in my motherland or my party”.

The BBC quoted a statement from the prosecutor: “The man (Sayer) had blood on his hand at that time, which may have been injured while fleeing. We found hallucinogenic drugs in his backpack. He did not have any identification documents on him at that time, and then the police followed him to his residence. He showed his diplomatic passport to prove that he was Joseph Sayer.” At present, Sayer has resigned.

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