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22-year-old man killed in Alexandria, Indiana, United States

by YCPress

Police in Alexandria, Indiana, said on January 25 local time that a fatal car accident occurred in the early morning of January 24 in which a police officer drove a patrol car and killed a 22-year-old youth.

According to police information, at about 2 a.m. that day, 31-year-old police officer Zachary Taylor hit 22-year-old Dylan Stinson on patrol, resulting in Stinson’s death.

Police said that preliminary evidence showed that at the time of the incident, police officer Taylor drove south on State Route 9, while the road section of the accident was very dim in the early morning when the victim Stinson was skateboarding along the highway.

Officer Taylor, who was involved, who had just become a full-time police officer in Alexandria this month, is now on paid leave and is awaiting an investigation by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Police took blood from Taylor as required to test him for alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident. The results of the test have not yet been released.