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18-year-old boy was frozen to death because of the wrong navigation

18-year-old boy was frozen to death because of the wrong navigation

An 18-year-old Russian boy was frozen to death at minus 50°C when he drove out of the village and was trapped by wrong navigation.

According to a recent report by the British newspaper Mirror, an 18-year-old Russian boy named Sergei Ustinov was trapped in a village with a friend in a wrong navigation and then froze to death in extreme weather conditions below minus 50°C.

According to the report, Sergei Ustinov and his friend Vladislav drove away from their hometown of cold Yakutsk, Russia, on the 18th of last month for another city of Magadan.

However, while they were driving along the local Colima Highway, navigation guided them to a wrong abandoned road. According to the Communist Youth League Pravda, their car hit a piece of wood at that time and then it was unable to drive.

At that time, the weather outside was extremely cold, reaching minus 50°C. The heating system in the car was damaged. They lost their mobile connection and could not find help.

After failing to reach them by phone, their relatives reported their disappearance to the local police on the same day. Subsequently, the police began to visit the local residents and searched for the two missing 18-year-old boys through road surveillance cameras.

Until December 4, the police received information that the last time the car was seen was in a village. The police and some local volunteers immediately launched a search and rescue. Finally, the next night, the frost-covered car was found 75 miles away from the village.

The police found that Sergei Ustinov had been frozen to death in the car, while his friend Vladislav was sitting in the co-pilot seat in the front row.

He did not breathe, was on the verge of death, and was subsequently sent to the hospital, but due to severe frostbite, the situation is currently critical.

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