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17 new cases of COVID-19 were added to the U.S. military and related personnel in South Korea, with a total of 435 confirmed cases

The first light aircraft carrier of the South Korean army is expected to enter service from 2033.

â–³Commander of the U.S. Army in South Korea Abrams

The U.S. military in South Korea issued an announcement on the 14th that 16 of the U.S. military and their families who arrived in South Korea from November 28 to

December 11 were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus; 12 of them were tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in South Korea, and the remaining 4 were diagnosed at the end of the quarantine period.

In addition, a South Korean staff member working at the Casey Military Barracks in Dongdouchuan City, Gyeonggi Province was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the 14th.

The U.S. military in South Korea and the South Korean epidemic prevention department immediately tracked, disinfected and isolated the Korean staff member’s course of action and contacts.

So far, a total of 435 U.S. troops and related personnel in South Korea have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

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