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150 Turkish demonstrators rushed to the streets of France to fight back the Armenians’ accusations

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Overseas Network, October 29. According to Armenian on the 29th, on the evening of the 28th, French time, about 150 Turkish demonstrators rushed into the streets of Lyon, France, despite the curfew, clamoring with offensive weapons such as hammers and knives. Look for Armenians to seek revenge.

The live video showed that a Turkish group of about a hundred people was on the streets of Lyon, shouting “Where are the Armenians?” and whistled and threatened. Some leading demonstrators ran after the police car and tried to attack the police. The police exercised considerable restraint.

According to the police statement, these Turkish demonstrators wanted to find and destroy Armenian commercial premises that night. They attacked Armenians with hammers and knives, and injured more than ten people, including a child.

Earlier on the 28th, Armenian protesters blocked the highway to Vals and Vienna to express their protest against the attacks on Azerbaijan and Turkey in the Naka region.

Since September 27, Azerbaijan and Armenia have broken out fierce clashes in the disputed Naka region. The clash has caused casualties on both sides, including civilians. The two countries have reached three ceasefire agreements, but the two sides have repeatedly accused each other of violating the ceasefire agreement, and the military conflict has not stopped.

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