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133 technology business leaders jointly sent a letter to Trudeau warning “Canada will regress”

133 technology business leaders jointly sent a letter to Trudeau warning "Canada will regress"

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Overseas Network, October 28. On the 27th local time, 133 Canadian technology business leaders jointly sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, calling on the government to develop a “prosperity plan” to support the development of technology companies. The companies also warned, “If you Measures, Canada will regress.”

According to the Toronto Star, the participants in the joint letter activity came from well-known domestic companies such as Canadian payment service provider Lightspeed, e-reading platform Wattpad, and online food ordering platform SkipTheDishes.

Business leaders believe that in terms of the current state of Canadian technology development, the government has been slow to provide help, and without the support of innovators, Canada cannot stand out in the field of technology. Therefore, the Canadian government needs to develop a plan to encourage innovators to help Canada cope with the economic difficulties caused by the epidemic.

“When the government came to power in 2015, we received many encouraging signals, but in the years since 2015, the government rarely mentioned innovation.” The letter reads, “In Canada, what we see It’s a bold and cohesive innovation plan, rather than a piece of cake-it’s all the policies of a pilot program.”

Benjamin Bergen, executive director of the Canadian Council of Innovators, said that if no action is taken, the Canadian technology industry is likely to be unable to grasp the progress that has been made, regress, and even signs of regress have already appeared.

Canadian media pointed out that in the recently announced 2020 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Canada dropped two places, behind Slovenia, and ranked 22nd. The index aims to measure a country’s entrepreneurial capacity and the degree to which the government supports innovation and innovative technologies.

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